Vanity Pool

Work information

Searched pattern: 17Strykes

Public key: 04387C0A9AD5739A92D12E3C4C05ABDE45EB8712A7DE27A5A0D590DB520169E62A8CD330D2AAB939EFAA723C5D97E00A2DFE457BCA138CAF6077024EAAE346730F

Network byte: 0

Bitcoin Address: 1PDWfc29f8uSX6nJ7VdqHUJ7goLtAiG3pX

Reward: 0.088BTC

Complexity: 4.9e+13

Lavishness: 7.8e-06

Status: Work solved!

Solution: Hidden

Solution type: Addition

Solved on: 2013 07 30 23:39

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