Vanity Pool

Important message from the admin:
We are currently in the process of changing our wallet host. The operation can take a few days as we update our code. Some Vanity Pool features might be unavailable in the meantime.

To find out more about split-key vanity mining, check out the topic on this pool on Bitcontalk.

The software is still in development, so be mindful that data and coin loss is possible.

In order to use your hashing power to generate the keys, look at the split-key vanity address generator topic.

Current work status:

Total reward - 4.6372666

Total lavishness - 7.7e-06

Mining ratio - 0.00


Below are sample prices for a vanity address with a given length (including leading 1). Prices will vary depending on the characters appearing in the address. You will be required to pay a minimum fee before your work will be visible publicly. We strongly encourage you to pay at least the honest fee, which is a break-even point for GPU miners in relation to block mining.

Pattern lengthHonest feeMinimum fee

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